The Role of Community in Discipleship — Harvest Episode 03

When we think about discipleship we often picture one-on-one relationships, but how are these relationships to be understood within the context of community? Dave Wirgau examines Hebrews 10:24-25, breaking down the “let us” statements in those verses to illustrate three hallmarks of biblical community in discipleship.

“A friend of mine says that mold only grows in the darkness. When we isolate ourselves from one another we’re only asking for this process of sin having its way to bring hardening in our own heart.”
– Dave Wirgau

Harvest is a five-part series of short films that will give you a vision for how you can play a part in God accomplishing His purposes. The series features the teaching of Dave Wirgau, longtime campus minister with The Navigators.

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  1. Just a technical critic: the music on the video was so loud that I could barely hear the speaker’s words.

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