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Invest in a Few Illustration

Invest In A Few

Jesus loved everyone, helped many, but invested in just a few. If we hope to take the gospel to the ends of the earth His method must also … Continue Reading
Joy in New Faith | The Navigators 20s Generation | 2 friends sharing coffee

Joy in New Faith

Katrin’s joy bubbled over as she described her journey of faith. Last winter, when she was unemployed and in a hard place, a friend … Continue Reading
Living Out Reconciliation | The Navigators 20s Generation | Chris (left) and Tra (right)

Living Out Reconciliation

When Chris and Tra greeted each other at a Chick-fil-A, Tim Chou, Navigators 20s, was surprised that they knew each other. Tra was wrapping … Continue Reading
Driven Disciple | The Navigators 20s Generation | Good Friends Together Enjoying the Sunset View

Driven Disciple

A successful young professional finds Jesus and new purpose in discipleship… Continue Reading
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