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One Disciplemaker Impacts Many | The Navigators Collegiate Ministry | Zara & Matthew Kenigsberg

One Disciplemaker Impacts Many

Zara (Joykutty) Kenigsberg didn’t understand the concept of spiritual generations until she walked into Jodi Heen’s house for a … Continue Reading
Saying Yes to God’s Call | The Navigators Collegiate Ministry | 11.29.22-Resource-Web

Saying Yes to God’s Call

One week after Tilon and Caitie Pervenecki married, Tilon’s grandfather suddenly passed away. He was known as Opa, German for … Continue Reading
Building Authentic Community | The Navigators Communities | 11.29.22-Resource-Web

Building Authentic Community

Once a month the small group met at a new restaurant to connect in fellowship—reading the Word and praying for one another. Initially, the… Continue Reading
How To Be a Spiritual Mentor | The Navigators Military | U.S. Navy Warship

How To Be a Spiritual Mentor

In Matthew’s* early years as a strategic sealift officer and civilian mariner with the US Merchant Marine, he eagerly sought out The … Continue Reading
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