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Tyler, a Navigators missionary, spending time with Ukrainian friends and joyfully sharing the Gospel amidst a war.

Serving Jesus in a War Zone

Tyler and Kelly, Navigators missionaries in Ukraine, focused on their true calling, “God has made us to care for people.”… Continue Reading
Chris Green, the founder of The Navigators First Response Ministry, standing in front of an armed vehicle with another police officer.

Hope on the Front Lines

Our nation’s first responders—firefighters, police, and emergency medical providers—face extraordinary challenges. Former SWAT team … Continue Reading
Four women, in dresses, holding flowers and posing in front trees. The second woman is wearing a wedding dress.

One Disciplemaker Impacts Many

Zara (Joykutty) Kenigsberg didn’t understand the concept of spiritual generations until she walked into Jodi Heen’s house for a … Continue Reading
A man and woman posing in front of a fountain.

Saying Yes to God’s Call

One week after Tilon and Caitie Pervenecki married, Tilon’s grandfather suddenly passed away. He was known as Opa, German for … Continue Reading
Five women meeting over video conferencing for their Disciplehip Learning Community.

Building Authentic Community

Once a month the small group met at a new restaurant to connect in fellowship—reading the Word and praying for one another. Initially, the… Continue Reading
An aircraft carrier, where the Navigators Military Ministry took place, navigating through the ocean.

How To Be a Spiritual Mentor

In Matthew’s* early years as a strategic sealift officer and civilian mariner with the US Merchant Marine, he eagerly sought out The … Continue Reading
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