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Invest in a Few Illustration

Invest In A Few

Jesus loved everyone, helped many, but invested in just a few. If we hope to take the gospel to the ends of the earth His method must also … Continue Reading

A Life Transformed Over 20 Years

Pedro felt like his world was falling apart. Then, through a friendship with Armando Diaz, his heart opened to receive what God had to say.… Continue Reading
A Glorious Moment | married woman with hands folded over a Bible

A Glorious Moment

Samy and Eman Awad are embracing pandemic ministry, watching with joy as God removes barriers and heals hearts.… Continue Reading
redfining evangelism Disciple! Doug Nuenke The Navigators

Redefining Evangelism

Doug Nuenke shares his advice and encouragement in light of recent research about how adults respond to evangelism.… Continue Reading
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