From Promise to Practice: Opening Doors to the Gospel

“Before my grandmother died, I promised her I’d get baptized,” Mitch* told Alan*.

These weren’t the words Alan expected to hear while he was visiting the extended family of his newlywed wife, Maddie*, but he was intrigued. Mitch is Maddie’s cousin, and he’d attended Alan and Maddie’s wedding earlier in the year. At the wedding, Alan and Maddie made sure that Christ was at the center, showing the role that faith has had in their relationship. 

Two men sitting on a couch reading the Bible together.

As one of the few people Mitch knew — other than his grandmother — whose faith was transformative, Mitch often turned to Alan for questions regarding Jesus. Curious to learn more about where Mitch was at in his spiritual journey, Alan asked him, “Why was it important to your grandmother that you get baptized?”

“I guess I can’t say all the reasons, but Jesus was important to her,” Mitch replied.

“Is it important to you to get baptized?” Alan asked. 

“Yeah,” Mitch said. “I mean I want to keep my promise to her, but I don’t just want to go through the motions. I want it to mean something.”

Alan asked Mitch if he had ever read the Bible for himself to learn about what Jesus said and did. When Mitch confirmed that he hadn’t, Alan invited him to start reading the Bible with him.

Becoming a Disciple

Alan had a background with The Navigators, being involved with the ministry in his college years. During that time, Alan saw rapid fruit in his own life and the lives of those he was investing in. It was this foundation that gave him a vision for disciplemaking after college, and now he translates what he learned as a student to his post-grad life and relationships. 

It was this mindset that guided Alan as he started to read the Bible with Mitch. Going through one chapter of John at a time, they would meet over Zoom or the phone to discuss what they read each week. After reading through the whole book together, Mitch started to ask about the meaning of the gospel.

Alan’s faithfulness with his cousin-in-law soon bore fruit — Mitch accepted Christ into his life!

However, since Mitch gave his life to Christ, he’s been faced with challenges. Shortly after his commitment to Christ, Mitch’s father’s health began to decline. Much of Mitch’s time was devoted to being a caregiver, until eventually, his father passed away. 

In light of the difficult time, Alan continued to encourage Mitch in his faith. 

Understandably, Mitch was less available and responsive in the midst of this trying season. Alan acknowledged that he’s had to change his own expectations for the pace at which Mitch will grow in his faith. Alan watched Mitch grow from a nonbeliever to a disciple; yet, he still has a vision to see Mitch become a disciplemaker too, passing on his faith to others.

When Alan started to read the Bible with Mitch, Mitch mentioned that his two younger siblings also have a desire to get baptized. Alan’s prayer is that eventually Mitch might start reading the Bible with his younger siblings, much like Alan did with him. 

Alan recognizes that God is working in and through Mitch. Though he’s in a difficult season, he has the potential to bear new and different fruit, and God will no doubt continue to use Alan’s patience and faithful presence as the Lord continues the work He has begun in Mitch’s life. 

Walking Through Open Doors To the Gospel

Sometimes, God opens doors for the gospel right in front of people around us, and all they need is to walk through. Often they are eager — they just need some guidance from those that have gone before them. 

Alan and Mitch’s story is just one of the stories of open doors happening within the Navigators 20s ministry. Around the nation, Navigators are helping equip young adults as they share the gospel with their friends, coworkers, and families. 

Would you join us in praying for Alan, Mitch, and Mitch’s siblings as they continue to walk towards Christ together? Pray that the Lord continues to open doors to the gospel and equip believers to share their faith with others, helping them to reveal Jesus’ character through reading the Bible with those in their circles. 

*names have been changed

Discipleship Tip:

Think of someone you could ask to read the Bible with you who may not have read it before. Share this name with someone you trust and ask them to pray with you for this person. Take the next courageous step and invite this person you thought of to read the Bible with you and see how God guides you next.

How To Invite Friends To Read the Bible

Inviting someone who doesn’t know Jesus yet to read the Bible is an effective way to share the gospel. Download How To Invite Friends To Read the Bible, a free resource that gives you six tips on how to approach reading the Bible with an individual or group of friends who may be reading it for the first time.

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