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Invest in a Few Illustration

Invest In A Few

Jesus loved everyone, helped many, but invested in just a few. If we hope to take the gospel to the ends of the earth His method must also … Continue Reading
Lifelong Disciplemaker | Navigators Encore | young Asian female nurse kneeling beside senior patient in wheelchair talking, smiling and cheering up in comfort at hospital.

Lifelong Disciplemaker

Scott Spragg makes the most of every opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with those around him. He regularly uses Facebook and … Continue Reading
redfining evangelism Disciple! Doug Nuenke The Navigators

Redefining Evangelism

Doug Nuenke shares his advice and encouragement in light of recent research about how adults respond to evangelism.… Continue Reading
sowing seeds of the gospel in Spain the Navigators

Sowing the Seeds of the Gospel

When Jack Blanch returned to Spain after 30 years, he was overwhelmed with how God has continued his work through his Navigators ministry.… Continue Reading

Ageless Disciplemaking

Those I disciple need to know I love them, need a lot more people praying for them, and need hope for both the present and the future.… Continue Reading
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