How to Disciple Others in Your Life

Would you like to disciple someone in your life? Are you wanting to be equipped and have more confidence as a disciplemaker?

Listen in on the conversation with Alice Matagora, author of How to Save the World: Disciplemaking Made Simple as she chats with five disciplemakers to hear what disciplemaking looks like in their daily lives.

In this video, Alice and her friends discuss ways they’re reaching neighbors, friends, and coworkers by inviting them to follow Jesus, too.

Would you like to grow your confidence as a disicplemaker? Author Alice Matagora shares her struggle of being a “not-so-great disicplemaker” and how this changed in How to Save the World: Disciplemaking Made Simple. Click the link below to download your free sample chapter!


    1. Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your question! They use the name “Christ” interchangeably with “Jesus”, just as the New Testament uses the names “Jesus”, “Jesus Christ”, “Christ”, etc.

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