Discipleship Resources

Email Series


Dicipleship Resources: Email Series

7 Tips to Help Others Grow in Christ

Inviting someone to follow Jesus with you doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. It could be the most natural thing you do each day.

What if you discovered you already have what it takes?

It’s true! You have what it takes to grow in Christ and help others do the same! What you need is just what God has given you—your gifts, heart and uniqueness.

Each of the next seven days, we will email you a tip to boost your skills and confidence as a disciplemaker. Each one will be simple and easy to fit into your life.

Digital Discipleship Journeys

We all need at least one or two people in life to come alongside and encourage us to be all that God made us to be.  

Has someone ever done that for you? Have you been that person for a friend? Now is your chance to learn how.

Your free Digital Discipleship Journey will include:

  • A series of eight to 13 weekly emails designed to help you grow spiritually, curated based on your answers to some brief questions about your walk with God.
  • Access to newly designed versions of our most popular discipleship resources and some brand new ones!
  • Advice on how to use these easy-to-use resources to help friends become gripped by the gospel and begin their own adventure with God.
  • Power-packed biblical truth that will boost your faith and help you bring others on the journey.

How to Save the World – Online Video Course

Do you wonder if you’re qualified or if you’ve even followed Jesus long enough to be that person for someone else? Or do you look at your schedule and doubt you have the time? We want to help you take that next step and show you how disciplemaking doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this FREE online video course based on Alice Matagora’s book, How to Save the World: Disciplemaking Made Simple, you’ll discover you have what it takes to be a disciplemaker wherever God has placed you!

In the How to Save the World: Disciplemaking Made Simple – Online Video Course you will receive:

  • How to Save the World eBook: In this eBook you’ll receive exclusive sample content from the NEW book, How to Save the World: Disciplemaking Made Simple, by Alice Matagora.
  • Complementary Video Content: Grow in your confidence as a disciplemaker as Alice and her friends share their discipleship stories and encourage your next step.
  • Practical Next Steps: Each segment includes reflective questions helping you unpack the material from both the How to Save the World eBook and complementary video. 
  • Self-paced Course: You can decide whether to go through the course all at once or at your own pace. Or you could even invite a friend and complete the course together.

This course is completely free and is offered by The Navigators as part of our mission to inspire and equip disciplemakers. 

Trusting God in the Storm

Learn to trust God in hard times with this free online course.

Each session includes a brief introductory video, a scripture reading, a devotional thought, questions to consider, and a short quiz to keep you on track. The sessions are designed to be spread over 9 weeks, but can be completed at any time that is convenient for you.

Discipleship Resources: eBooks

7 Days of Hope-Filled Promises

God gives us amazing promises of hope in the pages of the Bible. They encourage, uplift, inspire, and comfort. Each of us would be blessed to read, meditate on, and memorize these promises. 

How would your perspectives and actions change if the hope-filled promises of Scripture were foremost on your mind?

In 7 Days of Hope-filled Promises, we challenge you to spend the next seven days contemplating seven Scriptures of hope.

Bible Reading Plans

5x5x5 New Testament Bible Reading Plan

  • Provides an easy to remember method: five minutes a day; five days a week; with five ways to go deeper. 
  • Offers a journey through the entire New Testament in a year.
  • Easy-to-take first step for those wanting to build Bible reading habits, but who have trouble finding the daily time.

Imagine this time next year, looking back on the ways God’s Word impacted you and those around you through The 5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan. Here’s your opportunity to get started today!

Bible Study 101

The last time you tried reading the Bible you didn’t understand what you read or how it applies to your life. Is there an easier way?

We want Bible study to be inspiring and not overwhelming. This is why we created the FREE Bible Study 101 eBook.

  • Ideas for where to begin your Bible reading
  • How you can create a Bible study habit
  • Discover how Bible study can transform your life

Imagine the difference Bible study will make in your life. The more time you spend with God in His Word the deeper your relationship will go.

The Navigators Bible Reading Plan

The Navigators Bible Reading Plan gives you: 

  • A flexible schedule: Start whenever you like; no need to wait until January 1. 
  • Free days: There are only 25 readings per month, which gives you space to stay in a Scripture longer or time to catch up. 
  • Variety: There are selections from both the Old and New Testament every day!
  • Strength for your next step: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” Psalm 119:105 (ESV). Through His Word He will illuminate the path in every area of your life.

Imagine this time next year, looking back on the ways God’s Word impacted you and those around you through The Navigators Bible Reading Plan. Here’s your opportunity to get started today!

Discipleship 101

Jesus calls us to both be disciples and make disciples, but what does discipleship look like today? Is it more than just believing in God?

To dispel any confusion about what discipleship is and how it can impact your life, we’ve created a brief yet powerful eBook that takes a look at this topic, giving several examples and plenty of scriptural support.

If you have a desire to grow in Christ and help others do the same then Discipleship 101 will give you the confidence that you have what it takes to get started.

Fight on Your Knees: Prayers for Spiritual Warfare

Spend the next two weeks concentrating your prayer life on the spiritual war being waged against you, and find encouragement in the fact that with God, you are more than an overcomer.

Find victory in the battle with these fourteen short but powerful prayer prompts and accompanying Bible references.

How to Face Anxiety with Hope in God

Do you personally feel overwhelmed or know someone who’s overwhelmed by anxiety? Jesus made it a special point to talk about worry and anxiety in His teachings.

In the eBook How to Face Anxiety With Hope in God, this free week-long devotional plan based on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6 will help you take a few minutes each day to discover how the best way to face anxiety is to know God more deeply.

How to Memorize Scripture

Do you want to memorize more Scripture?

Our Topical Memory System is a proven process of memorizing passages of Scripture that edify, encourage, and exhort you to live the best Christian life you can. Through this condensed eBook version of the Topical Memory System, you’ll be able to store dozens of the Bible’s most helpful Scriptures in your heart and mind. 

How to Study The Bible

Studying the Bible helps to make passages come to life in new ways, it deepens your understanding, and it makes God’s Word part of how you think, act, and live. But what’s the best way to go about studying the Bible?

We’d like to share our proven system of study by giving you a free digital copy of How to Study the Bible: A 7-Step Method for Inductive Bible Study.

We hope it enriches your Bible reading immensely! 

Journey Through the Psalms

Tricia Lott Williford felt distant from the Scriptures after the loss of her husband’s early death, but the deeply honest, occasionally dramatic, emotions of the Psalms drew her back to the scriptures and into a deeper relationship with God. 

In her eBook Journey Through the Psalms, Williford shares the truth she found in the Psalms to encourage you through the ups and downs of life.

Prayer 101

When it comes to prayer, do you ever wonder where to start? Would you like to pray confidently — both personally and when you’re praying with others?

In Prayer 101, explore prayer and next steps to deepen your relationship with God and others as you pray for and with them. 

Praying the Names & Attributes of God

Pray the names of God this month!

Each day in this month-long devotional features one aspect of God’s character to reflect on and pray about, along with a Bible verse to describe that characteristic. It’s a fantastic way to learn more about the Lord and draw closer to Him.

Praying Through Your Neighborhood

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Would you like to build relationships with your neighbors? Even have spiritual conversations with them?

Whether your neighbors are in the apartment next door or the house down the road, there is a simple next step you can take to join God’s heart for transforming your neighborhood.

If you would like to build relationships with your neighbors and be a part of what God’s already doing in your community, but aren’t sure where to start, we want to help!

Praying Through Scripture: A Five-Day Reflection on 1 John

Would you like to know how to pray according to God’s will and heart?

In Praying Through Scripture: A Five-Day Reflection on 1 John, discover how to take the truth of Scripture and apply it to your prayer life. This combination aligns your heart with God’s and allows His Word to focus your prayers. Praying through Scripture doesn’t have to end with reading through 1 John; you can take what you learn in this eBook and begin using other Scripture passages as a foundation for your prayers.

Preparing for Christmas: A 4-Part Study

When you celebrate something, do you find that the preparations and to-dos for the party or big event can distract from the meaning behind the celebration? If this can happen when preparing to celebrate a birthday, wedding, graduation, new baby, anniversary, or even retirement, then it can also be true as you prepare to celebrate Christmas.

In Preparing for Christmas: A 4-Part Study you’ll explore both Old and New Testament passages, reflecting on Christ’s first coming, and how anticipating His second coming impacts your life now and forever. This study can be used individually, with your family, or even in a small group setting.

Scripture Memory Intensive

This eBook to help you commit four key Bible passages to memory. Each week for four weeks, you will focus on one verse, contemplating its meaning and reciting the verse repeatedly so that you internalize it and make it your own.

We’re offering this new eBook, Hide God’s Word in Your Heart, to you for free as part of our mission to help strengthen God’s people and make disciples of all nations. We pray that it is a practical help and a blessing to you!

Topical Memory System for Kids

Help your child begin a lifetime of hiding God’s Word in their hearts

In a new book from NavPress, Topical Memory System for Kids, help your children discover the power of God’s Word in their lives. In easy-to-learn games and made-for-kids-lessons, you’ll work with your children to memorize Scripture and “hook” it into their minds for a moment when they need it most.

You’ll learn right alongside them too, filling your own mind and heart with the power of Scripture. This resource is our gift to you as part of the Navigators mission to equip people all over the world with the truth of God’s Word.