Help your child begin a lifetime of hiding God’s Word in their hearts

God made children little sponges for information. Their brains are always learning—absorbing everything around them and filing it away.

And nothing is more valuable for their growing minds to fill up on than God’s Word. Children who learn Scripture and hide it in their hearts are equipped to face a world that will tell them all kinds of lies about who they are and what they’re here for.

In a new book from NavPress, Topical Memory System for Kids, help your children discover the power of God’s Word in their lives. In easy-to-learn games and made-for-kids-lessons, you’ll work with your children to memorize Scripture and “hook” it into their minds for a moment when they need it most.

You’ll learn right alongside them too, filling your own mind and heart with the power of Scripture. This resource is our gift to you as part of the Navigators mission to equip people all over the world with the truth of God’s Word.

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