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three people reading Bibles

Joys of Command

There are certain days that I absolutely love being a commander. There are, however, days when you really want to throw in the towel.… Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

Military BVDs

BVDs based upon God's Word equip men and women with understanding and knowledge of their identity, purpose, and meaning in life.… Continue Reading
Suicide Altar Call — Seventh Day Slumber Lead Singer

Suicide Altar Call

The Navigator military ministries from California and Arizona hosted the missions program. Through this outreach, several hundred souls were… Continue Reading
The Missing Suitcase

The Missing Suitcase

How prayers for a missing suitcase brought a family visiting their college student in the United States to faith in Christ.… Continue Reading
Minako's Redirected Life

Minako’s Redirected Life

In 1987, Minako Ishikawa left Japan for the United States to pursue her interest in linguistics. But along the way she found something much … Continue Reading
A Few Godly Men

A Few Godly Men

Since 1977, Diann Jernigan has served as a Navigator. But these days it's the service of her two sons that she's most proud of.… Continue Reading
Clyde McGahee

Believing is Seeing

In the summer of 1953, a zealous young sailor named Clyde McGahee helped purchase Glen Eyrie as the international headquarters of the … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

Spiritual Parenting

It sounds too good to be true. All three of the students with whom I meet individually here in Bonn have begun this month to disciple other … Continue Reading
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