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A Spiritual Drill Sergeant | The Navigators Military | A person being baptized

A Spiritual Drill Sergeant

Jason* met The Navigators as a single soldier at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, his first duty station. Over his career, he and now his wife, … Continue Reading
The Gospel on the Amazon River | The Navigators International Missions | Boat on the Amazon River

The Gospel on the Amazon River

Passengers spend 18 hours on a boat floating down Brazil’s Rio Negro and Amazon rivers to travel from Manaus to Parintins, a town situated… Continue Reading
Next Door To Our Military | The Navigators Military | Part of frigate naval forces at sunset at the port

Next Door To Our Military

The Navigators reaches and disciples people in need of the gospel where they work, live, worship, and play. In this sense, disciplemakers … Continue Reading
Crash and Christ | Navigators Responders | Parked police car on the side of the road

Car Crash Leads to Christ

The pursuit was on! Deputy Z and his new recruit were on the chase. Undercover officers had just bought an illegal weapon from a suspect, … Continue Reading
Living Out Reconciliation | The Navigators 20s Generation | Chris (left) and Tra (right)

Living Out Reconciliation

When Chris and Tra greeted each other at a Chick-fil-A, Tim Chou, Navigators 20s, was surprised that they knew each other. Tra was wrapping … Continue Reading