Sowing the Seeds of the Gospel

Recently, Jack Blanch had the opportunity to return to Spain where he and his wife, Joann, (now deceased) had served with the Navigators for 17 years, before leaving in 1987. He was reconnecting with people he hadn’t seen for 30 years! When Jack met his long-time friends, he was overwhelmed with how God has continued to work and grow generations of disciplemakers, from the first people he and Joann led to Christ so many years ago.

Many of those Jack and Joann discipled have started new churches and denominations in Spain and Africa over the years—churches that are focused on sharing the gospel, and helping people grow in Christ and pass on what they’ve learned to others. In addition, the adult children of people who started following Jesus more than 30 years ago are now being used by God to reach their generation of Spaniards with the gospel.

Some of the disciples have no churches in their areas, but remain faithful. One man said, “My wife and I have Jesus and we read the Bible daily.”

While Jack was there, he reminded his many disciples and friends that it was all God’s doing: “I told them that it was the heart of Christ to seek and save them, because God loves them. It was God who had reached out to them. God moved through The Navigators to send us out.”

In addition, their ministry was supported with a strong prayer foundation. As they prepared to serve in Spain, Jack and Joann enlisted 300 people who promised to regularly pray for them and their ministry. Jack calls this prayer team (now numbering 700), “the invisible force behind all that we did.”

Praise God for His faithfulness in growing disciples who have multiplied over many years. Pray for the next generation of disciples in Spain and around the world. Your prayer matters!


  1. Terrific example of God’s grace to reach people who He had prepared and loved through a man and woman who He had prepared – to leave a well-rooted work that has multiplied. May God encourage you and Joann, already enjoying her reward, for your faithfulness and willingness to go!

  2. How wonderful to go back and see the seeds that were planted and how they’ve grown.
    My husband Jack Robinson, was a NAV in the 70,a and met Jack. His college roommate Mike Delano went to Spain also in the 70’s.

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