Limited Time, Eternal Impact

When Jim and Beth Luebe start meeting with someone in a discipling relationship, they are very aware of the limited time they have to make an impact. In Navigators Collegiate ministry, their endpoint was clear—graduation. But in ministry to young adults in New York City, many work long hours and may only be in the city for a limited season of their career.

“We have a sense of urgency in our discipling relationships,” Jim says. “From day one we need to dive in deeply to help young men and women become established in their walk with God so they can learn to feed themselves spiritually and become disciples who in turn disciple others. We look for people who are serious about their spiritual growth and this vision of spiritual multiplication.”

Eli was just that kind of person. An investment banker, he worked many very long days, but he wanted to grow in his walk with Christ so he asked Jim to disciple him. They had met through a friend who was also discipled by Jim. Along with squeezing in one-to-one meetings, he participated in a group doing The 2:7 Series® Bible study with the Luebes.

Recently Eli relocated to another city, but during his short time in New York City, he received a strong spiritual foundation which he can continue to build on in his own relationship with God, and with others God brings into his life.

PRAY for wisdom as the Luebes discern who to invest in for their NYC Navigators 20s ministry, and for depth in life-to-life discipling relationships.


  1. So thankful to hear of your continuing work with the twenty somethings. A wide open harvest field but one that always needs great prayer and time investment. My heart goes out to Jim & Beth and their investment in Eli. Prayers go with him as he moves.

  2. It has been 46 years since I graduated from college and left the 5 years I spent with the Navigators. What I learned has held me steadfast through some difficult times…..but has also given opportunities to share Christ with others and also come alongside others to encourage them in their walk. Much of what I learned back then (the tons of verses and BS) has stayed with me. Let’s continue to encourage one another to keep relying on Him…..and then see the tremendous doors that will be opened to us!!!!!!!

  3. Praise the LORD. He can do miracles when people like you prioritize and work to find time for growing disciples. Thank you. Love and Prayers.

  4. Jim and Beth,

    Great to read about your work in NYC! Praying for you guys always!!!
    We love you two!

    Dave and Linda

  5. Jim and Beth,

    Thank you for the vital work that you are doing in NYC! I’m praying that God will work and move in incredible ways in your lives as well as in the lives of the men and women that your discipling now and in the future. His is the victory and the battle is already won! Christ is risen!

    In Christ,

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