Following Jesus: Change in the Neighborhood

“I’m a very quiet person and I’d never be walking around my neighborhood praying if I didn’t have Christ in my heart,” shared Theresa as she talked about the changes in her life in the past year.

Following Jesus Change in the Neighborhood Albuquerque City Ministry The Navigators

One Easter Sunday, she decided to go to church. Her uncle had died a couple of years before and she was still feeling the loss. “I felt like God was calling to me during the service,” Theresa shared, “and at the end they invited people to come to a decision room if they wanted to talk to someone or pray. That is when I met Karen Warin [Navigators Workplace] and after we talked, I decided to pray and invite Christ into my heart. Then I was baptized a few weeks later.”

Since then Karen asked Theresa to meet with her weekly to read the Bible and pray together—living out Life-to-Life® discipleship. Theresa lives across the street from the Juntos (Navigators I:58) ministry to children, so Karen introduced Theresa to the Navigators who work with kids in the neighborhood, and Theresa’s kids got involved.

Along with regular Bible study, Theresa has started doing a weekly prayer walk with Joy Dennis of Juntos. Theresa reflects, “This is all a new scene for me this past year—studying the Bible and praying. I was never very connected to my neighbors, now God has opened my eyes as I pray for them and get to know them. I’ve invited a neighbor to join us on the prayer walk, but she hasn’t yet.”

Theresa’s decision to follow Jesus and grow in her faith has had a positive impact on her kids. In addition to her kids participating in Juntos, they also love attending church and joining the prayer walks.

Praise God for the way Navigators are working together in Albuquerque and around the country to reach people for Christ and grow disciples. Pray for Theresa and her family, as they impact their community for Christ.


  1. Dear Lord, Thanks for the encouragement you brought to my heart as I read Kathie’s message just now. Here’s a dear sister who has chosen joy and hard work in the midst of suffering and hardship. Lord, thanks for Your Spirit in her that sees YOU at work, in the hard places of life. Father, I don’t know if there is going to be a prayer meeting at The Navs today, but I’m taking time right now to lift up Kathie Hood to you and ask you to continue to meet her needs, give her joy, and hasten her healing and recovery. Bring people to her who can see Your light in her and share a laugh or two when life gets tense. You have met her needs and You’ll continue — because that’s who YOU are – a good, good Father. Bless Kathie Hood today and going forward as she continues to put her trust in YOU!

    Have a great day Kathie – you made my day. Keep on making the sweet lemonade 🙂

  2. This is a very exciting. I am supporting Glenn and Margo Balsis in Indiana. When I lived in Lombard Bob and Ginny DeHaan lived near us. Ginny and I had a Bible Study with our neighborhood women. I used to get Discipleship Magazine. Bobby’s retirement and my stroke (November ‘16) takes a lot of our money.☹️ But God is good and we are managing. If you have a prayer group meeting for your staff please pray for me to get better. I had a cerebellum bleed which gives me a lack of balance. Unfortunately I have hard time doing much but I do home exercises but I fell in early June I fell and smashed my hip. I am blessed that a doctor on call was a orthopedic doctor who gave me a hip replacement. That complicated my recovery from my lack of balance.☹️ It has been a steady but tough recovery. I understand why it causes older people to die. It takes hard work and lots of recover! I am 76 years young!

  3. What can be more thrilling to see the Gospel planted in new soil, taking root and beginning to stretch out…..

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