Navigators I:58

Renew Hope. Restore Justice. Rebuild Communities.

I:58’s name is sourced from Isaiah 58. Central to this passage is God’s heart for those who are yoked by chains of injustice. As a mission, I:58’s values and beliefs are catalyzed by this calling as it aligns with The Navigators mission to make disciples of all nations. We view our calling as a mission of The Navigators, to make disciples of men, women, and youth of all races, classes, and people groups, with a specific sensitivity to those affected by systemic injustice. Believing in the power of presence, Navigators in I:58 labor alongside local leaders seeking to renew hope, restore justice, and rebuild communities.

Our local staff and stakeholders seek to love God and love our neighbors in ways ranging from racial reconciliation to housing rehab projects, from long-term mentoring relationships to youth outreach programs. We want to invest in our communities across the divides of age, race, and economics in partnership with local leaders with a special eye toward those society has put on the margins. Whatever form our ministry takes, the heart is the same as ever: we are passing on the living gospel of Jesus’ Kingdom, from one generation to the next, so that Jesus can bring transformation and wholeness.