How to Help Others Grow in Christ: A Message From Marvin Campbell, Navigators U.S. President

Jesus called each of His followers to know Him and then to make Him known among all the nations. There is still work to be done in fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20

An adult teacher helping others grow in Christ through fellowship and lessons.

This is why we as Navigators are still pressing forward “To know Christ, to make Him known and help others do the same®” on college campuses, military bases, in workplaces, inner cities, neighborhoods, and hard-to-reach places all over the world!  

When I think of the times which the Lord has provided for me to share the gospel, they have usually been while taking simple steps of obedience through faith—of just showing up and talking about what God has done in my life. I recall teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) at Duke University and helping microbiology students who were writing dissertations, despite English not being their first language.

Given freedom on how I might accomplish this task, I decided to teach English pronunciation and phrases by going through the Book of Proverbs. This afforded me the unique opportunity to read through the Bible and teach about God’s wisdom while building English language proficiency. After one of these classes, a student asked me the identity of the king in Proverbs. 

I shared who King Solomon was in the history of Israel and why he was so significant. The student responded, “So that’s God’s thinking captured in the Bible?” And he continued further, “I want to read the Bible because I want to know who God’s Jesus is; it seems like He was hated among His people more, and I want to know why. Every other central figure of world religions was esteemed in their day, but not Jesus. Will you read through the Bible with me to help me learn more about Jesus?”

This student, prompted by the Holy Spirit, invited me to read the Scriptures with him! All I had to do was take an everyday opportunity and intentionally share a passage in the Bible. It was not long before he came to faith and encountered the Jesus that I know, and the truth of the Word and the Holy Spirit who still transforms lives!  

Praise the Lord for how He works in and through us when we are willing to listen and obey His leading. How many of those opportunities are around you in your life? I am praying that we together will be encouraged to take steps of faith to actively and purposefully make Him known to everyday others around us.

Grateful to be on this journey with you!

Marvin Cambell, The Navigators U.S. President, headshot.

Marvin Campbell
Navigators U.S. President


  1. I teach ESL in San Antonio, TX. My neighborhood has families from all over the world including China and Ukraine. I have one single lady from Ukraine and one couple in my classes. Most of my students have been receptive to talking about the Gospel.

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