Sideline Relationship in Nav20s

I met Kerwin on the sidelines of a football practice. Our sons were on the same team, which meant hours sitting next to a practice field. It didn’t take much to go from stranger to friend with Kerwin. By the end of our first conversation, we were talking about getting out together for a round of golf.

Each time I approached the football field, I looked for Kerwin. We would park our chairs next to each other and talk during practice. One of those times, our conversation turned to God and faith. I learned that Kerwin was a grandson of a Baptist minister. Kerwin expressed a desire to grow spiritually, “I’ve been around the Bible my whole life, but I probably haven’t read it enough.” In the stands before the next football game, I extended an invitation to read the Bible together. Kerwin gladly accepted.

For the next couple years, early Saturday mornings, we met to read together and encourage one another in our walk with Christ. Eventually, Kerwin started a monthly Bible study via video conference with a group of his childhood friends scattered across the country. This group, which includes Kerwin’s twin brother, Kevin, has been meeting for more than two years.

Recently when I spoke with Kerwin, he shared this thought, “I want our story to encourage people to keep initiating and helping others grow in Christ.”

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