Providence and Provision

Julie* returned from out of town to find an urgent message in her inbox. A Middle Eastern woman needed a place to stay while waiting for her work visa. It felt like an answer to prayer.

“Six years ago, God had provided a special home for me — a house I could use to bless people from all over the world,” Julie says. “I had already built relationships with four others from her country and had spent time learning about its culture and beliefs in order to deepen my friendships and share Jesus in relevant ways.”

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Julie’s new houseguest, Dalia*, moved in. And God continued His work.

“She had only recently become a Christian,” Julie says. “Here was a new child of God who, in light of her decision to follow Jesus, could not return to her country without fear of execution. What a privilege to have her in my home and to help her grow in her relationship with Christ!”

Trusting God in uncertainty was familiar territory for Julie. Despite the wonderful things God had done in her home, Julie had walked through a season of deep concern about the cost of maintaining it, and had even considered selling. She decided to trust God to provide. Then a friend called to tell her that she had received an inheritance, and God had placed Julie on her heart to ask if she had any needs.

“I was astounded,” Julie says. “This gift was more than financial. It was an indicator that I was to keep my house and to continue using it for the work to which I have been called. And it serves as a reminder that I can trust the Lord in all things.”

When ongoing trials and financial difficulties were discouraging Julie’s new friend Dalia, Julie helped her to trust Jesus, and to watch for Him in the struggle.

“I told her how God provided for my needs,” Julie says. “Dalia is witnessing God’s continued faithfulness and provision in her own life. She is no longer worried when difficulty arises, but immediately looks to the Lord, filled with hope and peace. How grateful I am that I was able to encourage her to persevere. What sweetness I have tasted in the fruit of this Life-to-Life® discipleship!”

*Names changed

Please pray that God would continue to use our International Student Ministry staff to guide people like Dalia into a dynamic relationship with Jesus.


  1. Great to read the replies on using your homes and resources to bless other – especially those from other nations. Thanks Julie* for sharing your story. A great way to serve and bless!

  2. A stirring example of our God Who is without limit. He is good and worthy of our trust and obedience. Thanks for sharing the joy, Joyce.

  3. God IS SO good! Many years ago, due to a mountain of hospital bills. we were just barely making it, but tithing was our top priority. It came a time when our church asked that we pledge our tithe. We did- from our gross income. It was ok until my husband had a heart attack and couldn’t work for about 6 months. Of course our pledged tithe then was over 30% of his disability pay. There was no way we could both keep our pledge and pay our bills. However, we decided to keep that pledge and hang the bills – would deal with them when the time comes. Both a friend and our pastor each insisted on giving us $1,000.00. We didn’t want it so just put it in savings. God really came through – we kept that pledge with no other income, but the money was always there to pay our bills & sustenance – we did not do without in any way. BTW – we gave that $2,000.00 back untouched. When that was over, I had to hold my husband back from giving everything away – I probably should have listened to him.

  4. Proverbs 30:8 became a desire and request early in my life in Christ. He has done just that in our lives even to this day well over fifty years later. This always includes enough to give to others. He is Good! (only ; always)

  5. We also are leaning on God’s provision regarding work and home. Thank you for sharing this testimony. Very encouraging.

  6. a very touching testimony of God’s faithfulness and providence. “I will never leave your or forsake you”

    Miriam N

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