Navigators International Student Ministry

Every year a million of the most outstanding students from every country of the world come to the United States for their university studies. We seek to make friends of these future world leaders, serve them in any way we can, and invite them to get to know the God of the Scriptures.”

Ward Ballard, International Student Ministry (ISM)

Navigators ISM staff and volunteers reach out in genuine friendship to international students who are studying in the U.S. far from home and family. They invest time with students individually and in small groups, sharing their faith in Jesus and answering questions about the Bible. Many of the students involved with ISM are from countries closed to traditional missionary efforts.

As students trust Christ or strengthen their existing faith in Him, ISM leaders help them think through how they can effectively reach their families and others back home. Many students return to their home countries to impact their family and relational networks, touching every facet of society and the world with the gospel.