Hope in the Greek Life

“When I first came to college (as a freshman) I was presented with a lot of new opportunities. I was given the opportunity to drink, hang out with girls all the time, go to parties and just experience life without parental control.”  Clayton shared, “I wasn’t happy with the life I was living, but this was the first time I was 100% in control of my life.”

“There are 5,000 Greeks on the campus at University of Washington.  And if just one or two people in those fraternities or sororities would come to know Jesus—that could change the whole house.”  Keith Pepsny shared his vision when he first moved to Washington as the Navigators Campus and City Director for Washington.  “For the first year, we prayed asking God to show us where he wanted us to focus our ministry efforts.  And just focused on meeting students.”

“We connected with Sigma Phi Epsilon and helped volunteer to fix things in their house, hosted some pizza parties and connected with several of the guys.  This was a great opportunity to get to know them and eventually see if a few of the guys wanted to start a Bible study in their house.  It has been seven years since then and the Bible studies have spread from one to thirteen other Greek houses, that each have several bible studies for young men and women.”

One of the students named Toy shared, “Keith took me under his wing and would spend undivided attention in our weekly time together reading through the Bible and praying.  And I believe that approach to discipleship really affected my life.”

Clayton reflected, “Finding the Navs in the college fraternity was the last place I thought I would expect to meet God.”  He first met The Navigators through another Sigma Phi Toy, who invited Clayton to join the house weekly bible study.

“I had just finished my business school application and was really stressed out.  I wanted to get the day over with and came home to see Toy leading a Navigator Bible study at the house.  I stopped to listen and it was on Matthew 6:25, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…” and it really spoke to me right where I was at in my life.” So after that Toy invited me to join the study and meet weekly just the two of us.

“Three months into my new faith, I didn’t get accepted into business school and I was devastated.  Why would this happen?  But God eventually worked it out in his time.”  The next year, Clayton became the president of his fraternity and he has a great opportunity to share his faith with those who ask about God.

He also asked Toy to baptize him as a testimony of his relationship with God.

“As Christ enters into their hearts, he chases away the darkness.  Such a powerful life transformation to watch Toy baptize Clayton.” Keith shared.

Clayton said, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met The Navigators.”

-Keith Pepsny, Navigators Campus & City Director for Washington
University of Washington


  1. I was introduced to Keith & Kate as I attended the Navigators weekly gathering. Their love and encouragement pointed all to Jesus that has lasting fruit. As a reckless wild-man on the football team- God captured my heart through this ministry more than 10 years ago. Now I am finishing seminary and proclaiming the gospel around my city and the world. I am eternally grateful to God for Keith and Kate. What humble servants who are all in for Jesus!

  2. Love to hear these stories. I was a Beta at Texas Tech a number of years ago when I met the Lord, and a couple of my fraternity brothers also came to the Lord about the same time. Three of us went on to seminary together and have spent our lives in Christian ministry.

  3. Great work at UW, Keith! So proud of what God is doing through you, Kate, Jeff & Allison & all of the Greek students!
    Let’s change the world for Jesus!!

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