Dana Yeakley on The Gentle Art of Discipling Women

Whether you live in Southeast Asia or Syracuse, New York, you need God every day, in a vital, growing relationship.

Dana Yeakley, who served in Southeast Asia with her husband, Tom, and three children, realized that daily time with God wasn’t optional, but essential. “I remember writing in my journal, ‘I don’t want to just survive here, I want to thrive.’ God took me from survival mode to thriving mode by showing me my daily need for time with Him. Getting into God’s Word and praying was my rock. It was essential for thriving.”

This foundation of prayer and meeting with God in His Word sustained Dana during their 11 years overseas, but the impact also went beyond her devotional life. Dana shares, “The depth and breadth of my walk with God has borne fruit internally and externally. I have a calmness in my Spirit that God began developing in me while overseas. But it isn’t just for my life; it also overflows in ministry to people in all kinds of difficult situations. Sometimes people look at me and think that I have it all together. That’s really not true. But I do have a God I run to daily and He makes all the difference.”

Dana had many opportunities to be stretched in prayer and faith in God. Daily she had to release her children to God’s care, trusting Him for their health and safety. Prayer also sustained them when Tom and Dana needed flexibility to adjust to changing ministry assignments.

In addition to strong faith, Dana decided she needed to introduce elements of fun into their daily family life. Before moving to Southeast Asia, a mentor had taught Dana to work at the habit of happiness. After months of handling all the logistics of settling into life in a new country, Dana felt down and out. She thought, “I can live like this, or I can choose to take steps to create fun for my family.” She determined to intentionally create special moments in the midst of ordinary life. When Tom traveled and was away from the family, Dana created fun experiences for the children. These fun times were so special that the kids started asking when Dad would be away!

Dana also acknowledges that the prayers of a circle of supporters continues to sustain their ministry. “We have many faithful people who have prayed and supported us over the years. They are the bedrock of our ministry! We couldn’t serve without them.”

Dana Yeakley is the author of The Gentle Art of Discipling Women. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for Navigators who serve around the world—prayers for health, safety, ministry, and family fun!


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