The Bond of Brothers and Sisters

The intensity and pressure of college is even higher at a military academy. Along with the shared experience of hard work and intense environments, there are also opportunities to become like brothers and sisters with other service academy students.

That’s why the Navs Military exists—as a home away from home, where military students can be themselves, grow spiritually as leaders with an eternal perspective, along with all the other things they learn at military institutions.

“Alex*, a recent student who attended the academy, was a natural leader,” shared a Navs Military staff member. “He became actively involved in the Navs ministry. I was discipling him and he was also intentionally reaching out to those in his class and on his sports team. He had a sense of urgency to share the love of God with those in his class and team.”

Once Alex graduated, he received an offer to be an assistant coach for the team. He took it as a great opportunity to coach the student athletes both on and off the field.

Now he helps lead a student-led Bible study with several players from the team. They meet regularly, whether they win or lose their game! Their commitment to lead a life of excellence and one of an eternal purpose is their motivation.

“I have seen God work through upperclassmen who simply reach out to freshmen, inviting them to a Navs Bible study or chapel or church each week. This connection with upperclassmen is huge to a freshman who is just trying to survive.”

Being in a Bible study is a great way to grow closer as team members and brothers in Christ. It provides a vital support network within a highly challenging environment. Over 85 students attend the larger Nav Night group at the academy and there are several Bible studies for both men and women in partnership with chapel programs.

By forging these spiritual bonds of brotherhood, Navs Military aims for fruitful generations of laborers like Alex to not only labor at the academy, but for a lifetime, wherever the military takes them, all for God’s glory and purposes!

How can you be praying for young men and women in a military academy? Pray that the love of God would spread on each military academy and base across the United States.

Learn more about the Navigators Military ministry.

*Not his real name

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