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We Need More of Our Own People

Not everyone who serves with Navigators is on staff—"natural laborers" receive personal instruction, attention, and life-on-life training.… Continue Reading

What Happens in Washington…

What happens in Washington doesn’t stay in Washington. Decisions made in our nation’s Capital affect millions of people across our … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

A Beautiful Thing to Watch

 The Navigators Teenagers are profoundly influenced by their peers. This can be a bad thing, or, in the case of two young women from … Continue Reading

The Marks Of A Disciple

A lot of people talk about being followers of Christ—about being disciples. But what characterizes a disciple? What does a disciple look … Continue Reading
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Time to Give Up

 David Henderson A light drizzle fell as I pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. We were trying to squeeze in a family dinner … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

Why Can’t I Quit Worrying?

 Mike Bechtle I felt defeated. Worry took up a lot of my time, as job concerns, a mortgage, church demands, family issues—especially … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

The Guilt of Christmas Past

It was a chilly evening in December. The air frosted the back of my neck. My husband pulled groceries from the car and glanced at the … Continue Reading