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three people reading Bibles

Ghana – On the Receiving End

 The Navigators The goal was to be on the road by 10am. We finally left at 1pm. This was my first experience in “Ghana time,” but the … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

Snapshots of God at Work

 Elizabeth Charlotte Graves “It’s hard to condense my summer trip into any specific lesson or event but I think there were certain … Continue Reading

What We Do

 The Navigators Our 80-year-old slogan, “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known,®” aptly describes what Navigators do. As we … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

The College Connection

 Gwen Sellers It was June 2006 and Mark and Lexie Day had just moved into their new home in Shawnee, Kansas, when the doorbell rang. Mark … Continue Reading

Musings on Philip

 Pam Darnell Honestly, I was afraid I would never see Philip alive again when we said good-bye to him on that hot day last August. You see,… Continue Reading

Setting the Captives Free

 Gwen Sellers Last year, Sarah started visiting with some of these Black Hands. It did, indeed, seem hopeless until one meeting when three … Continue Reading