U.S. Headquarters Internship – Braiding Passions Together

 The Navigators

I had every intention on going on a mission trip this summer. My heart aches for the tribes and tongues of the world, and couldn’t wait to serve Him abroad. I never thought that this desire would bring me to Colorado.

I have always had a tri-fold passion: God, art, and people. After reading a listing in The Navigators Summer Missions brochure that stated, “Help design brochures…and develop your heart for missions,” I realized that God gave me an unexpected opportunity. He wanted to braid my passions together into one act of service.

We all have distinct roles in the body of Christ, and I now better understand that each of our unique gifts can be used to further His kingdom, sometimes in a way that only God can conceptualize. My eyes were opened to the multi-dimensional process of mission work, while deepening my relationship with God and understanding my Kingdom fit. I was able to join the “home” team, support workers “away” in the field, and be part of something so much bigger than myself.

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