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Unshakeable Joy | Doug Nuenke | Summer sunset landscape with a dirt road through a field.

Unshakeable Joy

The turmoil and uncertainty of the past several weeks have made us all feel fragile, yet Scripture invites us to a stability of soul.… Continue Reading

Light in the Darkness

Jesus called His people, “the light of the world.” During these cloudy days, the light of Jesus can be seen through us.… Continue Reading
Providence & Provision Navigators International Student Ministries The Navigators

Providence and Provision

Through God's providence and provision, Julie was able to keep her home. Now she uses it to bless others, like a young woman named Dahlia.… Continue Reading

How Our Core Values Reflect Dr. King’s Dream

Wanda Anderson unpacks how The Navigators Core Values reflect the desired outcomes of the civil rights struggle in the 1950s and 1960s.… Continue Reading