True Success

What does true “success” look like in a collegiate ministry? Is a successful ministry best measured by the number of students involved in Bible studies, large group meetings or training programs? Maybe it is better measured by the number of discipling relationships or by something less numerical, such as the transformed lives of people in the ministry.

I’m convinced that the best way to measure success is not by what happens on campus, but rather by what is happening in the lives of our students 20 years after graduation. The goal of the Collegiate Navigators is lifelong laborers. With this in mind, our vision and prayer for each of our grads is that they would become increasingly passionate for Jesus Christ and continue laboring in His Kingdom.

In Philippians 3:10, the apostle Paul shares the great passion of his life: “I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection.” Our prayer is that our current Nav students and grads would say this now and also in 20 years.

We pray that Jesus Christ would become greater in their lives each day and that His love would transform their identity and purpose. In order to foster and build their own walk with God, we long for their intimacy with Christ to grow through regular intake of God’s Word and through their prayer lives.

Our desire is that they will grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and that God would use their lives to encourage and equip others in the same way.

Please join us in praying that our grads will have a passion for Christ and be lifelong laborers as they advance the Gospel throughout the world.

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