The Work of Prayer

Prayer is a foundation of Navigators Workplace ministry in Detroit. Those who are living out their calling as disciplemakers within their workplaces are committed to praying for their coworkers. They pray specifically for coworkers to come to faith in Jesus and to be discipled. Over the course of years, God has graciously answered many of these prayers, encouraging those who pray for their coworkers to persevere in prayer and in sharing the hope of Jesus with their coworkers.

The Work of Prayer | The Navigators Workplace Ministry | Mid adult man comforts friend during therapy session

Luke started a new job at a small company and got to know Rabi*, his supervisor. Luke started praying for Rabi, who had grown up following a different religion. As they got to know each other, Rabi respected Luke for the time he spent outside of work volunteering to serve others. Sometimes Rabi joined Luke in his volunteer work through Luke’s church and they started having conversations about Jesus and faith. Rabi asked many questions and wanted to know more about following Jesus. 

God had been planting seeds and bringing Christians into Rabi’s life for many years prior to his friendship with Luke. When Rabi was a child, even though his family practiced a different religion, they received help from a Christian church in their neighborhood. The youth pastor befriended Rabi and helped him start thinking about Jesus. Years later, after college and starting his career, Rabi began questioning his faith and started seeking spiritual truth. 

Even though Rabi’s wife threatened to divorce him if he decided to become a Christian, Rabi made a commitment to follow Jesus and started to grow in his faith. Rabi prayed for his wife, and she has become more accepting of Rabi’s faith. 

Since Luke is single, he decided to introduce Rabi to Bob and Kristel, a married couple who are also part of the Navigators Workplace movement in Detroit. As Bob continues to disciple Rabi, his wife has become friends with Kristel. She refers to Kristel and Bob as “Mom and Dad.” 

As he grows in his faith in Christ, Rabi has started talking to his family and friends about Jesus and spiritual truth.  

Pray that Rabi’s wife and family would come to know Jesus, and that God would continue to use faithful disciplemakers in Detroit!

*Name changed.


  1. I am 88 years old and became aware of Navigators in 1952 when I was in USAF. Yesterday I received an encouraging contact from Navs that included a very encouraging prayer for me. I retired from my position in seminary as professor of New Testament Language and Exegesis so I ‘ve had a lot of experience praying for others, but seldom received the warm blessing of one one on me behalf!. God bless you guys!!

  2. Yes! When I wondered why I worked in an office where my coworkers had such a different value system then me – intense prayer became a part of my time commitment. Next thing I knew I became the resource that individual coworkers asked for direction and prayer. Opportunities were opened by the Holy Spirit to speak of my faith and walk with those who wanted the same. Retirement life now is not that much different. Opportunities open by the Holy Spirit to share faith and walk with people.

  3. Thank you for sharing the strength of prayer for rabi and his wife and I continue to pray for the whole navigators team as you all continue to send me encouragement

  4. I was a part of the very start of the work in Detroit many years ago. My wife and I prayed about joining the team and our friends there. It is thrilling, a rich answer to prayer to learn what God is doing there! Praise His goodness!

  5. Question: Do I need to be part of a church to be a part of navigator’s disciple program. I do not wish to judge any church in my town but there seems to be a great deal of wrong teaching and so I have a difficult time with worshiping in a dead church. if you have direction or any type of help with this I would be grateful. I am praying for the Holy Spirits open doors for me. I am looking for a church that is not satisfied to preach but to do in the communities, serving the community. With Covid many of the churches are not doing reach outs. I would appreciate any help you may wish to share.

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