The Impact of Life-to-Life® Discipleship

Navigators Military, Fort Bliss, Texas

As young Army officers at Fort Bliss, Texas, Sharon* and Karen* are grateful for women who have walked with Jesus longer than they have and who pour into their lives, so they can in turn, impact others on their post.

The Impact of Life-to-Life Discipleship Fort Bliss Navigators Military Woman Army Bible

When Karen was in ROTC, she had a friend who challenged her to think about faith and start reading the Bible. While at Fort Bragg, she was part of a Navigators Military Bible study with this same friend. For the first time Karen experienced faith-based community. She found herself wanting the peace and joy that she saw in others and decided to ask God to come into her life. When it was time for a new assignment, she wanted to go to Fort Bliss because she knew it had a strong women’s ministry.

Sharon was trying to connect with people when she was first stationed at Fort Bliss, and she accepted an invitation to a Navigators Military conference. She felt welcomed into the community, even though she didn’t really understand the faith aspect.

Flourishing Faith at Fort Bliss

Now the faith of both young women is flourishing, as Stephanie Ruwet and Eleanor Bean (Navigators Military) invest in their lives by teaching them more about God through the Bible and giving them opportunities to grow in leadership. After learning and growing through a Bible study, Sharon was excited about her faith and asked if she could help with a small leadership task. Stephanie and Eleanor responded that they thought Sharon and Karen were ready to start leading a Bible study and investing in others.

Sharon reflects, “They kept coming alongside us, meeting with us, and coaching us how to grow as leaders. It was so encouraging to have their support as we stepped into discipling others. They held our hands, then let us move forward.”

The impact of having others mentor and disciple Karen has enriched her life. “It’s a great joy to have these women with life experience come alongside me. I have received so much from the intentional training I’ve received from Eleanor and Stephanie. Now I can trust God with my future, even if there are many unknowns in an Army career. I know that the Army would be much more difficult if I didn’t have Christ as my Rock.”

Pray for those engaged in Life-to-Life discipleship among military personnel, that God would raise up generations of disciplemakers.

*Names changed.


  1. So proud of how God is using the ladies on Fort Bliss! Thank you so much, El and Roo, for your personal investment into the lives of soldiers. I know God is using you to make an eternal impact for His sake!

  2. I was an instructor of electronics at the Army Air Defense School,Ft. Bliss in El Paso. As a young Christian I was struggling for deeper answers to my questions. Captain Keith Spurgers, who was led to faith in Christ by a Navigator in Korea, took me under his wing and discipled me. It proved to be the turning point in my life.
    Following my discharge from the Army I moved to Glen Erie for training then served with the Nav’s for ten years. Today I head a mission organization, Center For Leadership Development, helping to train key leaders of other mission organizations and churches around the world.
    I owe much to Keith and the Nav’s for launching me in my life’s work of disciplemaking.
    Rev.Boyd Booze

  3. The military has changed, and all for the better since my military experiences, both schooling and assignments in the mid to late ’60’s I didn’t know another believer in any of my units. Now they seem to be “everywhere!” What a joy to see multiplication happening all over!

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