Texting Truth

Using technology to spread the Gospel

Usually the domain of memes, logistical planning, and witty banter, texting isn’t often associated with spreading the Gospel. But NYU Navs has seen texting help fuel an evangelism explosion.

GroupMe®, a mobile group messaging app, allows many users to join a unified real-time conversation. The NYU Navs outreach team had been using GroupMe for freshmen outreach for several years. This past year, engagement skyrocketed.

GroupMe has become a dynamic daily tool for evangelism and outreach here,” New York City Collegiate Director Peter Trautmann says. “It’s been so reinforcing. It’s students leading students, as well as staff leading students, into mission. It’s everything you hope for in terms of 
excitement and momentum, and it’s lasted the whole year. It’s 40 members from NYU in downtown Manhattan and NYU-Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, all constantly encouraging one another.”

NYU senior Shaquille Sinclair says this texting group has turned strangers into family.

“There are people whom I’ve met in person after texting with them on GroupMe, but being able to encourage and be encouraged by them in my missteps and triumphs in evangelism has really made us feel like a genuine family of laborers from the start,” Shaquille says. “The spirit of boldness it endorses is so infectious, and I find myself eager to proclaim the Gospel to the world after taking a scroll through our messages!”

NYU sophomore Sebastian Muriel finds constant inspiration in the group.

“It’s like having an on-call encouragement team,” Sebastian says. “When you need prayer, you send a message, and you are immediately prayed for. It’s a culture of mutual exchange. You ask for prayer, you pray for others. You report a victory, you celebrate with others. You share your grief, you grieve with others. It’s a beautiful thing.”

This is exactly the kind of culture Peter has been most hoping for—doing life together. Proving that modern technology can be a positive tool to connect with one another and encourage each other.

“Nothing is more exciting than listening to the Holy Spirit and His promptings and going and doing,” Peter says. “These students are feeling that excitement every day.”

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