The Power of Coaching (from Special Detroit Edition)

After a number of years of workplace ministry in Detroit, Nav staffer Roger Van Noord approached me with the need to change our strategy. Roger shared, “We want to see an uncontrollable movement in dozens of companies across the Detroit area, don’t we?” We didn’t know how God would do this, but we prayed together for direction and invited Navigator Leaders Al Miyashita and Don Bartel to consult with us.

We moved toward an “Insider Coaching” model. God gave us a “Workplace-Person of Peace” profile and we prayerfully searched for people who:

  • Had a good platform at work
  • Clearly had a heart for the lost
  • Weren’t already overcommitted
  • Seemed somewhat frustrated in their effectiveness in reaching people

We prayed for direction from the Holy Spirit and met one-on-one with people we saw had potential. Nearly two years later, we find ourselves coaching over 30 workplace insiders, in more than 20 companies. Six of them are reading the Scriptures with not-yet-believers for the first time in their lives. God is creating an impactful movement in the workplaces in Detroit.

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