In Their Own Words

Fellowship is foundational to Navigator ministry. However, true fellowship—genuine biblical community—is much more than simply getting together occasionally and casually sharing prayer requests. The concept of biblical community is something that those who work with the men and women of our armed forces strongly emphasize.

Here is what two Marines have to say about biblical community.

When I hear “biblical community,” I think of specific names, people that the Lord has put in my path to guide me through the straight and narrow. They remind me that my journey towards Christ is not an internal struggle but a joint adventure.
—a Marine second lieutenant

For me, biblical community is a group of people who love each other. They pour themselves out for each other, not for reasons of duty, obligation, self-righteousness, or pride. They genuinely care about each other and are willing to sacrifice for one another—and not just when it’s convenient, either.
—a Marine communication officer

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