In Jesus’ Name

Our Bible study meets regularly at a sandwich shop owned by a Middle Eastern man. One day we met Mahir (name changed), a cousin of the shop owner, who was new to the States, and very interested in our study.

One evening I noticed Mahir was down and discouraged and I asked him what was wrong.

He replied, “My wife and two children went to the American Embassy today to get visas and were told they would never get approval for visas.”

I told Mahir that his story was not finished. I said that we could pray to God through Jesus and ask for his wife to receive the visas they needed. We prayed and asked it to be done in Jesus’ name.

The next week, as we gathered for Bible study, Mahir was all smiles—he told us the day after we prayed the embassy called his wife and said that their visas were ready!

We continue to have great conversations with Mahir as he engages with Scripture. He recently asked, “Why did Jesus say to Zacchaeus that today salvation shall come to your house?”

God is bringing understanding and faith into the heart of a man earnestly seeking Him—in Jesus’ name.

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