Filling the Gap on Eielson Air Force Base

Lounging on a warm, tropical beach, cool drink in hand is the dream retirement for many. But not for Fred and Krista Kolmorgen. Although he retired two years ago, Fred has chosen to remain in North Pole, Alaska, near Eielson Air Force Base where he was stationed.

Filling the Gap on Eielson Air Force Base

When chaplains on base asked Navigator staff to come help and none were available, Fred and Krista quickly filled the gap. They first came to Christ 25 years ago through Navigators in Europe and have been faithfully carrying on the mission ever since.

“Fred’s heart is to help young people far from home in a place they don’t want to be, where it’s 50 below in the winter, mosquitoes in the summer, and not much fun in between,” says Navigator Mike Schmid.

Mike and his wife, Lorelei, were able to meet with the Kolmorgens during their recent trip to Alaska as part of their work with Military Laborers Network (MLN). The MLN is a new initiative to sustain discipleship relationships with military personnel when they move to a location without a Navigator presence. Part of the focus is to train military personnel to minister throughout their careers as “laborer-leaders.”

The Kolmorgens have passed their vision to the next generation as well. During his visit, Mike was blessed by their children’s interest in helping with his new ministry. “We’re talking about generations of people who partner together in the advancing of the Gospel each with their unique gifts,” he says.

While the Schmids are thrilled to have such great help in Alaska, they are also looking for more administrative help at home. “The ‘administr-y’ is vital for the ministry to succeed,” says Mike.

Photo courtesy of the United States Air Force – Eielsen Air Force Base, Alaska


  1. Hello my name is Bill Sperry. My wife, Dianne and I are Cadence International Missionaries currently serving the service men and women of Osan AB S Korea. We have a servicewoman, Patience Wilcox that has been a part of our ministry here at Osan Hospitality House over the last year and her next duty station is Eielson AB. The only Cadence House in Alaska is at Elmendorf, so I am researching what resources are available for Eielson AB. Is the Navigator ministry at Eielson still on going? If so, could I get contact information so that I can get Patience connected there?
    Thank you and God Bless,
    Bill and Dianne Sperry
    OHH Directors

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