Volunteer with The Navigators

We welcome volunteers with a servant’s heart who want to bless others through our ministry as we continue to reach a lost world for Christ. Volunteer opportunities range from residential and part-time at Glen Eyrie, to college campus, to military ministry — there are many ways you can serve as a ministry partner with The Navigators.

Volunteer at Glen Eyrie

Administration Assist in a variety of administrative opportunities at the National Headquarters, the International Office and Glen Eyrie.

Gardeners Help beautify, promote, and preserve the grounds while honoring our Creator. Each season presents unique opportunities for those with green thumbs, so let us know if you want to partner with us in this way. We can always use your skills in beautifying and preserving the grounds of Glen Eyrie.

Tour Guide Give tours of Glen Eyrie and share the amazing history of this beautiful property with guests and visitors. Guides are needed year-round for two hours at a time. You can give anywhere from two tours each month to four in one week depending on the season and your preference. Our schedules are very flexible, and prepared at least two weeks in advance.

Conference Services We have ongoing conferences and retreats, each with its own theme and season. Come partner with us in setting up meeting rooms, going on mail runs, or providing food and beverages in the kitchen or for conference breaks. Check out our conference schedule and let us know how you would like to be involved.

Housekeeping Help with the general cleaning of guest rooms, carpet cleaning, laundry, sewing, and window washing.

Facilities Help with light plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and painting projects on the grounds.

Bookstore Assist bookstore customers, stock inventory, and operate the computerized register.

Dining Room and Teas Come serve guests from all over the world in the beautiful Glen Eyrie Castle. You can greet the guests as they enter the dining room, serve the guests alongside the dining staff, help make seasonal centerpieces, or help to set and clear the meals of the guests.

Kitchen Help maintain the kitchen and assist in the preparation of food for conference attendees and guests who eat at the Glen.

Volunteer with Navigators Military

Many of our Navigators Military ministry programs pray for and welcome volunteer help with clerical support, office staffing, mailings, activities and conferences. We also have a limited number of paid support staff positions that become available occasionally. We are looking for passionate Christ followers to work with us.

Military Laborers Network

The Military Laborers Network (MLN) is a network of men and women who are quietly and faithfully advancing the Kingdom of God by sharing the Gospel and discipling among the U.S. military. They are everyday people that live and work next door to those in the military and their families and deeply desire to help the heroes in our military grow in faith and learn to follow Christ while serving our nation.

Volunteer With Navigators Military

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