Devotion to Shared Life and Prayer

In the summer between his junior and senior year at Kansas State University (KSU), Josiah decided that he should live in the dorm for his senior year. The previous year he spent time discipling Aaron, a freshman who faithfully came to his Bible study. As Josiah thought about how to follow Jesus and reflect the commitment that Jesus and the disciples had to life together, living on the same floor in the dorm with Aaron made sense—even though most seniors don’t choose to live in the dorm!

Two men sharing their prayer life and studying the Bible together.

This year, the Navigators Collegiate ministry at KSU has been studying Acts. Josiah has noticed how the early church was devoted to prayer, and he is seeking to increase that devotion in his own life. Josiah shares, “If I truly believe that God is a good Father, I will come to Him in prayer and put my faith fully in Him. As I reflected on what I wanted to pass on in my spiritual DNA, it came down to prayer, meditating on God’s Word, and obedience. Now, as I am living in the dorm, I am asking God to use me and prepare the harvest.”

When Josiah was a freshman, he had an upperclassman investing in him as a disciple, now he is investing in Aaron and others. He reflects on the importance of this season of life, “The college years are often a time when people consider who they want to be and what kind of values they live for. When I was a freshman, I had to decide if I wanted to make my faith my own. I saw people with a true passion for Jesus and decided that was the kind of relationship I wanted with God. Now I get to pass that on to others—to multiply my faith.”


  1. I love the focus Josiah had on prayer, meditation, and obedience! Acts does reveal a church that was rooted in intimate prayer to the Father and a givenness to going deep into God’s heart in the Word, both together and individually.

    As ones that disciple others, I believe it is necessary to consider Josiah’s pursuits and to model the way of intimacy with the Father through these means. As we encounter God, newer believers will see the fruit in our lives and be more apt to follow us in God’s lifestyle.

  2. It that verbally helping a new Christians, listening to their comments and praying with them. The four gospels reflects how Jesus Discipling the 12 men brought us Christianity to this earth. Jesus long suffering with the 12. We must do likewise.

  3. Awesome!! I truly love Josiah decision to serve God by feeding His people!! What a beautiful humble spirit🙏

  4. Truly, a college dorm room is an excellent place to live out the Gospel and invest in others. I met the Navs as a freshman at Penn State and became involved in another Christian group but no real knowledge of personal ministry – until a faculty advisor connected with the Navs in Washington DC, of mostly military vets connected with the Navs offered us help, which we leaped at. As is often said, the rest is history. , Through a number of steps over the next 60 years I had the thrill and privilege of a watching the Gospel capture the hearts of young men and multiply in various college campuses, military bases and international settings.

    1. Dear Joshua:

      May the Lord Bless you as you minister not only to Aaron, but also to other Christians the Lord sends your way to minister to as well!

      ❤ Brother Bill

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