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A selfie of two men from The Navigators in a restaurant.

The Power of Persistent Prayer

Brock was in trouble, so Dennis felt moved to pray. The two had become friends when they attended a Christian high school, and both went on … Continue Reading
An aircraft carrier, where the Navigators Military Ministry took place, navigating through the ocean.

How To Be a Spiritual Mentor

In Matthew’s* early years as a strategic sealift officer and civilian mariner with the US Merchant Marine, he eagerly sought out The … Continue Reading
Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer: An Interview With Jarrett Stevens | The Navigators Navpress | young businessman sitting with his hands together in his home office and praying

Overcome Obstacles to Prayer

Life can be hard. Prayer doesn’t have to be. Whatever is going on with you right now, God is actually interested. And yet connecting with … Continue Reading
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