Central Asia – Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

 The Navigators

Within minutes of our arrival, the children had circled each of us, marveling over our appearances. Because of the difficult language barrier we could not verbally communicate with each other. Showing the kindness of their hearts, the children requested their compliments be translated to us by the local interns.

Words didn’t seem necessary and I learned that powerful moments do not require sound.

We were visiting an orphan summer camp. This experience was unlike any I have had before; I will hold it dearly.
During our stay, I was unable to communicate my love to the children with words. As challenging as it was, the quiet moments spoke for themselves with simple glances, sincere smiles and held hands. Words didn’t seem necessary and I learned that powerful moments do not require sound. At our departure, my heart broke as a precious ten year old boy held my hand, walked me to the car and closed the door behind me. We played thumb war through the open window until the car pulled away. Tears rolled down my face as we left the camp.

In just two afternoons, the eyes and hands of the children touched my heart. I was taught through them what untainted love looks like. I was encouraged through them to seek after a purity of heart. I was humbled through them, as I saw their incredible limitation of resources. I was deeply saddened through them, realizing the abandonment they feel each day. I was deeply motivated through them, in recognition of the verbal and physical abuse they’ve experienced in their lives. I had never been able to connect with the concept of my heart breaking for what breaks God’s heart. On July 9th, 2010, I understood a fraction of what this means and I will never be the same.

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