Can You Help Me Read the Bible?

Our home is bursting at the seams on Tuesday nights with young adults in their 20s who are hungry to deepen their relationship with God. We are equipping them to join Jesus on the great adventure of His redemptive mission where they live, work, and play. At each meeting we address topics for their own spiritual growth, as well as casting vision for sharing their faith with others in their sphere of influence.

One meeting focused on how to read the Bible with someone who doesn’t yet believe in God. After the meeting Ryan came up to me and said, “Hey Mark, I don’t think I actually know how to read the Bible for myself, let alone to read it with someone else. Can we get together and talk about this more?”

Or course I said yes, and since then we’ve been getting together each week for lunch near Ryan’s workplace. It has been great to see him grow closer to God as we spend intentional time together in the Word and praying about the things we are facing in life. We have started on a plan to read the Bible together in a year. Ryan is also getting excited about sharing what he learns with others.

Ryan is just one of the young adults that we are pouring ourselves into. My wife, Meredith, and I are focused on growing disciplemakers by equipping people to embody and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a network of more than 50 young adults across the city of Nashville who gather regularly for spiritual encouragement and discipleship!

Young adults in their 20s are the most un-churched segment of our culture. Many want to be more like Jesus and help others, but they need resources and relationships to encourage them in their post-college years. As Navigators, we come alongside them to help them walk with Christ, pursue excellence at work, and minister to the lost.


Pray for Mark and Meredith Irving, and others who serve with Navigators 20s. Pray that this generation of young adults will become disciplemakers—following Jesus and leading others to deepening faith.


  1. It’s great to hear of your ministry to this young group of believers. My husband and I have been engaged in lifestyle discipleship for several years now and have both used Navigator resources when we were younger believers. I’m curious to hear more about what you discussed in regards to reading the Bible with someone who is not yet a believer. I have a neighbor who I’d like to engage in some sort of Bible study or reading. She doesn’t feel comfortable in a large group meeting such as BSF. I’d sure appreciate any guidance you can provide.

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