Category: Sharing Your Faith

Providence & Provision Navigators International Student Ministries The Navigators

Providence and Provision

Through God's providence and provision, Julie was able to keep her home. Now she uses it to bless others, like a young woman named Dahlia.… Continue Reading
Spreading the Good Infection Doug Nuenke The Navigators

Spreading the Good Infection

Doug Nuenke shares a lesson from spending time with his granddaughter and what it looks like to spread the "good infection" for Christ.… Continue Reading
redfining evangelism Disciple! Doug Nuenke The Navigators

Redefining Evangelism

Doug Nuenke shares his advice and encouragement in light of recent research about how adults respond to evangelism.… Continue Reading

The Long Journey Toward Faith

Many international students are from places where they have no easy access to people who will share the truth about Jesus.… Continue Reading
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