The Gift of Connection and Sweet Conversations

Jessica was part of a short-term team from Navigators Collegiate who spent a week with Nations Within staff learning how to talk about spiritual topics with those from a different religious background. One evening as Jessica and Margaret* (Navigators Nations Within) ordered sweets at an Arab bakery, they saw two women at a table and decided to ask to join them.

Margaret explained, “We are learning how to talk with people about spiritual things, can we join you at your table?”

The two women welcomed them to their table. Margaret asked if they had any personal experiences with God.

The Gift of Connection and Sweet Conversations Navigators Nations Within and Collegiate Ministry

The older woman lived in another country and was visiting her daughter. Her daughter translated the conversation since her mother didn’t speak much English. The older woman shared several amazing stories of how she had seen God at work. Then she asked them if they had any stories to share about God’s work in their lives.

Jessica shared about some miracles that God had done in her life as she’d prayed for God’s direction and help. The daughter then asked Margaret, “And what about you?”

Margaret shared a few stories of people she had seen healed through prayers. Then she said, “The most powerful experience I’ve had is my life story.” She shared how God had taught her that it wasn’t her own hard work that made her pleasing to God, but that is was the power of His Spirit that gave her freedom. The women found their stories amazing and beautiful.

As they were talking, a woman approached, apologizing for eavesdropping, then said: “It’s so beautiful what you are doing.” She wanted to give Margaret a gift of some prayer beads from Jerusalem. Seeing how important this gift was to the woman, Margaret accepted the beads.

The older woman they had been talking with then gave Margaret and Jessica each a piece of jewelry. They were overwhelmed by the generosity from someone they had just met. Experiencing the generosity of these women and humbly accepting the gifts offered was a part of entering into the culture.

Margaret and Jessica asked if the mother and daughter wanted to get together again to talk more. Margaret and the two women got together another time at a local coffee shop and shared a deep conversation. Others in the coffee shop listened and joined the discussion.

Jessica and the other students on the team felt like their experiences and training equipped them to discuss spiritual things with strangers, even those from very different religions.

Praise God for those with Navigators Nations Within and Navigators Collegiate who share the Good News with people from different cultures and religions. Pray that the truth of the gospel will make an eternal difference for those who hear the message.

*Name changed.

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