Whole-Life Transformation: Never Too Late For Education

David Kordorwu (senior International Mentor for over a decade) met Peter* in barren and desert-like northern Ghana years ago, when Peter was 17 years old. David led Peter to faith in Christ and baptized him.

Whole-Life Transformation: Never Too Late For Education | The Navigators Discipling for Development | Beira Mozambique July 13, 2010 Class in elementary in Beira.

More than 15 years ago, Peter attended a Discipling for Development (D4D) whole-life discipleship training in Tamale along with 50 other participants. The discipleship training Peter attended includes spiritual growth components of prayer and Bible study, along with an emphasis on empowering people to create a healthy community. Out of them all, Peter is the only one who continued, recruited a team, and started a D4D program in his home village.

Since then, he reproduced D4D in his area by pioneering the opening of other three communities. David and Peter are now coaching four Discipling for Development teams in the surrounding area.

When Peter began D4D training, he had only completed primary school. But because Peter is determined to be a lifelong learner, along with being a disciplemaker, he enrolled in junior high classes as a 27-year-old. Later David and Jane Kordorwu helped him to enter a private secondary school where he wrote and passed his West Africa Secondary School education examinations.

Peter now has his Diploma degree in Primary Education from University of Education, Winneba! He is deployed by the Ghanaian Government to do a one-year National service teaching.

 As God would have it, his government assignment is in the same community where his Navigator D4D Mentor-in-Training program is located. God’s hand is evident in how He provided this opportunity where Peter can be present in this community to coach mentors-in-training and teach school.

The Community Development Committee for his area knows Peter and the many transformations his team has brought to their community and other surrounding communities in north Ghana.

His growth has impacted his own children so much that two of them have completed Senior High School. His only daughter is planning to enter Nursing Training College to become a midwife so that she can one day serve her community like her father.

Peter has developed into a Kingdom leader and a skillful Discipling for Development Mentor since 2017. He is called into training and igniting others to be disciplemakers through whole life discipleship.

Praise God for people like Peter who are committed to empowering people for whole-life discipleship that impacts their local communities. Pray that the work of mentors flourishes.

*Name changed.


  1. This is a thrilling story and all the more so since it is true, and representative of others that could be told! Jesus met the needs of people, whatever they were and wherever they could be found. Meeting reals needs of those around us are a powerful way to introduce them the Christ!

    1. Are you the Chuck Steen who knew the Collins Family at Fort Benning back in the 60s?

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