A Tribute to Warren Myers

Navigator legend Warren Myers, one of The Navigators’ earliest missionaries, passed away at the age of 78 after a long battle with lymphoma.

In 1952, Nav founder Dawson Trotman sent Warren to Hong Kong. There he earned the reputation as a man of prayer. Warren patterned much of his prayer life on George Mueller, and his favorite verse was “[God is] the blessed controller of all things” (1 Tim. 6:15, Phillips).

In 1970, Warren and his wife, Ruth, moved to Singapore to help lead The Navigators in Southeast Asia.

Doug Sparks, former Navigator Asia director, says though Warren had to be a “platform man” at times, he excelled in maintaining a strong person-to-person ministry. Through his efforts he established a work in India and China. His influence is felt all over Asia.

Among their many accomplishments, Warren and Ruth wrote How to Have a Quiet Time and Discovering God’s Will, both published by NavPress.

Jerry White, international president of The Navigators, spoke with Warren just a few days before Warren went to be with the Lord. As this interview reflects, he persevered and proved faithful to the end.

JERRY: Warren, as you think back on the many years of ministry and the foundation of the Navigator ministries and our thinking about really reproducing in the lives of people, what are your thoughts? Has it worked?

WARREN: Very much so, it’s worked. Well, I think that in The Navigators and outside The Navigators everybody has their own particular gifts and calling. With those gifts and callings, they use them in different ways. Some people have a very high gift of evangelism and are also able to help people individually and in small groups. Others are very highly gifted in working with individuals and small groups but just don’t have the touch to help people one to one. I’ve been a believer for 55 years, and the verse that has been the most significant for my calling is an obscure, little verse in I Samuel 10:26. It says, “Saul returned to his home in Gibeah [after he was made king], and there went with him valiant men whose hearts God had touched.” That, I think, is my calling more than anything else. It’s to find valiant men who have a heart for Jesus that’s number one. And they have the ability and the heart to teach others.

JERRY: As you look back on the years in terms of the basics, what is it that has kept you going?

WARREN: Well, I think it is God’s sovereign grace . . . I keep in touch with about 110 people by mail, e-mail, phone, etc. I just see God not only giving me men and women who have worked with me, but new men and women. Some of them I met when they were 14 and 17. Some were 22 and others 26. They just have a touch for Jesus and a heart for Jesus. It gets me excited about working with them and helping them keep going.

JERRY: Is there anything you would like to share with individuals?

WARREN: Well, of course, one of the great old-time verses is, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding.” It doesn’t say don’t use it; it just says don’t lean on it. “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” Or I like to paraphrase Psalm 37:5, “Commit your life and your plans to the Lord. Trust Him: There’s the big bottom line. Trust Him, and He’ll work it out.”

A Personal Word from Alan Andrews

Warren Myers and I had a very close friendship. He mentored me for many years, and in these last few years he served as a strong anchor in my life. I would like to share a few personal thoughts on his powerful life.

Warren was first, last, and always a man who had a passion for God. We met fairly regularly for prayer and Bible study. I never ceased to be amazed at his knowledge of the Scriptures. I often said to others, if I really wanted to know what was going on in The Navigators ministry, all I had to do was go pray with Warren. But through all of his discipline and commitment, the primary attribute that shines brightest for me was Warren’s passion for God.

Warren’s hero was George Muller. At the Committal Service, Warren’s son Bryan elaborated on his father’s appreciation of George Muller. I would like to briefly quote him:

“I look at my father and think ‘The great generation is passing away; who will carry the torch? May all who came before us find us faithful!’ I look at my children and I think, ‘May the fire of our devotion light the way!’ And I look at all who are here today, and all around the world who are here in spirit, and I praise God that so many are carrying the torch. In some part it’s because with few exceptions we are all living epistles to the work of God through this man of God.

“And he was a living epistle too. Most of you know that his hero was another who came before us, George Mueller. He even self-published a booklet titled, George Mueller, Man of Faith. (It achieved worldwide distribution over the years, thanks to his characteristic tenacity!) One of his favorite books was a biography of Mueller called Delighted in God. It would have been a fitting epitaph to Mueller’s life to put the two together: George Mueller, man of faith, delighted in God.” I miss Warren as a friend, mentor, and example. I trust that his example will continue to stir many hearts to finish well. As the popular song of a few years ago says, “May all who come behind us find us faithful.”


  1. Warren Myers won my father, David Flagg, to Christ in November 1950. He picked up a hitchhiker in Berkeley, CA…… and by the time my dad got out of the car, he had committed his life to Christ. Warren discipled him well and they remained friends until the end of their earthly lives. What a ride my dad got!

  2. I am currently revisiting a Bible study called Discovering God’s Will by Warren and Ruth. It has such resonance with my life’s situation, 20 years after it was written!

  3. My father, Francis B. Spaulding was a B-29 crewmate of Warren’s as they flew from Tinian to firebomb Japan. I’m sure it was difficult for both of them to serve their country in this manner. My father was the bombardier. I believe Warren was his co-pilot on at least one of the crews Dad was part of. My father told how one night in the barracks, Warren asked him why he read his Bible so much. Dad witnessed to Warren and he became a Christian.Warren and his wife stayed in touch with my parents until they had all passed away. And that is the rest of the story. I didn’t see mention of Warren being responsible for the conversion of Mitsuo Fuchida who led the first flight of Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor. At least that is the way I remember it. I was born while Dad was stationed at Tinian.

  4. I also have the book 31 days of Praise in Spanish version, it’s one of my treasures. Recently I bought 31 days of Drawing near to God, I just read the first chapter and I already can recommend anyone to buy the book. I know Warren Myers was a men of God, but his wife Ruth Myers has all my respect and admiration for having been married twice to two great men of God, having been widow of both, who suffered from cancer. God bless her and family.
    Gabriela Alcantara, Fishers, Indiana

  5. I have that book too. It was given to me by Cary Nelson in a time with great distress in my life. I bless the Meyers and the Nelsons in Jesus name.
    Ann Christine Fritzsonn, Norway

  6. I had a book by Ruth and Warren Meyers… 31 Days of Praise… it is on of the best devotional I ever came across … now I want all their books.

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