One Thousand T-shirts and Sharing the Gospel

It began as a dream. For years, Navigator staff Bryce Bouchard at the University of Arizona wanted to print up a huge amount of t-shirt with “Navs” on them to use as door openers for the gospel. But how? Who would help finance it?

One Thousand T-shirts and the Gospel

After a church agreed to partner with Bryce and Susan, the dream took shape. With the church generously footing the bill, one thousand t-shirts were printed with “Navs” and “University of Arizona” on the front. The goal was to give these t-shirts out to primarily freshmen students. In exchange, these new students allowed Bryce, fellow Navigator staff and their student leaders to share the gospel with them.

Each Navigator staff and student leader got to share the gospel 20-25 times!

And if you walk around the University of Arizona campus, you just might see someone wearing one of these t-shirts.

Praise the Lord that His gospel is being shared and going forth—being planted, watered, and bearing fruit through the work of God’s Spirit. Please pray for more changed lives for Christ. Let us keep dreaming big to reach students and others with the good news of Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

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