The Good Samaritan Teaches English

“I like this story, because I know the Good Samaritan!” exclaimed my friend, Hussein*. “Actually there are several Good Samaritans. They are the women who help our wives and daughters with practical needs and learning English.”

“What?” I wasn’t quite sure what Hussein was talking about. I felt like I’d done a poor job of sharing Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan. My friend and fellow Navigator Doug and I were in Hussein’s home to help him practice English; we also enjoyed food together, as was the custom when we gathered in the homes of Middle Eastern families, here in greater Detroit.

“Their names are Connie and Anna, the Good Samaritans,” continued Hussein.

“Oh,” I said, “Connie is my daughter and Anna is Doug’s wife!”

This revelation elevated our status in Hussein’s eyes. We were connected to the teachers—a position of honor. This deeper connection over the story of the Good Samaritan (no matter how poorly retold) led to ongoing reading of Bible stories with Hussein. As we have studied the Bible together, and the truth of Jesus, God has opened Hussein’s eyes and heart. In his native country, he was unlikely to have ever met a Christian or had an open conversation about Jesus and the Bible. But here in our Michigan community he can hear truth, in the context of an ongoing friendship. Recently, Hussein told me, “I love Jesus the most. He did die on the cross and He was raised from the dead.”

* All Names changed.

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