Gathered and Sent: Disciples From Around the World

There are many paths that lead to the Global Student Program (GSP) at Glen Eyrie Conference Center, home of The Navigators. GSP engages college students from around the world in a summer of learning how to grow in Christ and serve together. Whether they were introduced to The Navigators by their parents, a professor, or a college friend, those who gather for the summer find a unified purpose, as expressed in our motto: “To know Christ, make Him known, and help others do the same®.”

Manuel’s parents knew many Navigators, so when he was a teenager, he connected with The Navigators teen ministry in Germany. “I saw that many teens shared the same struggles and challenges. Being part of this Christian assembly [community] helped me grow in my faith. When I was choosing a university, I decided to attend one with a Navigators collegiate ministry. Several students I knew had attended GSP, so I looked into the opportunity for this training experience and am thankful for the time I spent there.”

Gathered and Sent: Disciples from Around the World Global Student Program Glen Eyrie Conference Center The Navigators

Reflecting on GSP, Manuel said, “Sometimes it is challenging to communicate when we live with guys from different countries, but it is so enriching. I will take home so much that I can share in my ministry in Germany.”

Unlike Manuel, Jollie, from the Philippines, grew up without an understanding of Jesus. She learned about Jesus through a math professor in college who invited her to come to a Bible study. Jollie shares her faith journey:

I thought everything was dark and thought negatively about the world. Through the Bible study, I came to see the light and the truth which is in Jesus Christ. My spiritual mom shared the Bridge to Life with me and I felt loved and accepted. God has changed my heart!

I learned about the GSP through my spiritual mom. I have learned how to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share the gospel. I also enjoy the volunteer work as it teaches me to be humble and a servant, as Jesus was a servant. We all came from different backgrounds, different cultures, different colors, and have learned how to love other people and other cultures because God also loves them.

When Pepe arrived at Indiana University as part of a student exchange from West Africa, she was looking for a place to grow in her faith and connect in Christian community. Her roommate invited her to join the Navigators group on campus.

During a training program with Navigators International Student Ministry (ISM), she was praying about her next steps: “I was having my quiet time and I was asking God to open the door for me before the end of the week [of the ISM training program]. And then Mutua Mahiaini came to speak to us about God’s heart for the nations. I wanted to do something productive and to help in ministry. I learned about the GSP and decided to apply right away.”

Pepe grew in her faith through the summer. She shares, “I learned to depend on God for every single thing in my life. And even though I have family and friends around me, God is the only constant person. I feel like God is teaching me that if I use my time to serve Him, seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything will be added to me (from Matthew 6:33).”

When Stephen, from Canada, didn’t get a summer engineering internship, he was looking for a meaningful way to spend his summer break. His Navigators campus director suggested GSP and it was a great fit for him.

The Bible studies during the summer had an impact on how he thinks about his schooling and career. He shares: “We are saved by grace but called to be obedient at the same time—so I reflected on how that works together. Also, we’re called to be the best He wants us to be here. I’m studying aerospace engineering, ‘rocket science’ out of a childhood dream to be an astronaut, which I still think would be super cool. Now I’m praying about what God has gifted and called me to.”

During the summer of living, working, and learning together, each student in the program can take the next step of growth and faith, as they are equipped for a lifelong ministry of disciplemaking.

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