Financial Planning and Gift Annuity

Know Your Options

Our faith in a living God gives us lasting peace and confidence in our eternal future. But in the everyday financial matters of our uncertain world, there are simple and wise steps we can take to prepare for our financial futures. “All who are prudent act with knowledge, but fools expose their folly” (Proverbs 13:16).

If you are tired of rolling over your CDs for minimal returns, or if the fluctuations of the stock market concern you, there are ways to create financial stability and predictability. The key is to know your choices and understand that there are some options that remain appealing. One good option to consider for retirement income is a charitable gift annuity (CGA).

How does this benefit my retirement income?

A charitable gift annuity provides fixed payments to you for life—at attractive rates. You can also choose to fund a charitable gift annuity that pays a fixed income to you and another person for life. Keep in mind this is not a commercial annuity and that a CGA will offer benefits that commercial products don’t provide. For example you will receive an income tax deduction the year you establish the annuity for part of the funding amount, in addition to the fixed gift annuity payments you receive throughout your life. You also have the peace of mind knowing what remains (after all the payments have been made) will benefit God’s Kingdom.

Trustworthy Partners: The Navigators work with the National Christian Foundation, one of the largest and most reputable foundations in the country. They issued their first CGA in 1998, and bring the highest standards to the administration of your gift. One advantage of working with NCF is that when the gift annuity is established, The Navigators receive an immediate gift to the ministry project or staff member of your choice. One couple in Pennsylvania was pleased to set up a CGA producing an immediate gift to a Navigator they have supported for years.

The charitable gift annuity is a wonderful tool to help plan your future income. We look forward to coming alongside you and helping you determine which plan works best for you and your family. Call us today at 888-283-0157.


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