Soul on Fire: Ohio Meets Scotland

Mandie Meyer had never considered serving overseas—then God began whispering. “When God first put Scotland on my heart, I resisted,” Mandie says. “I think there were some unspoken pressures and expectations I had been putting on myself. A lot of that centered on getting married right out of college, settling down, and starting a family. To be honest, I was in the perfect place in my life to be open to the possibility that God wanted to use me for something more exciting and adventurous than I ever thought I wanted. There is so much adventure in being a wife or a parent, but He wanted to take me on a different adventure first.”

The Navigators invited the Ohio native to take an exposure trip to Scotland to discern whether God was truly leading her there. Mandie visited several ministries around the country, but Glasgow gripped her.

“I fell in love with the city immediately,” Mandie says. “At a Bible study one evening, when asked what I love most about Jesus, I just had to praise God! I shouted out how amazing He is, and I couldn’t stop! I knew I needed to be in Glasgow. It was where my soul was on fire.”

Having gone to Scotland with NavMissions, Mandie has just completed her first of two years with the UK Navs Connect Programme, and says Scotland already feels like home. Her weeks overflow with prayer, one-to-ones, team meetings, small group studies, personal development, admin work, service projects, and social nights.

“The thing that has surprised me most has been how much God is doing in my heart,” Mandie says. “My heart seems bigger, more compassionate, more able to love, more caring. I feel like I’m relearning things about God’s character and the adventure of following Him.”

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