Evangelism Lessons From Those We’re Trying to Reach

As an EDGE Corps intern with The Navigators at the University of Washington, I continue to learn about sharing the Gospel with others. But sometimes it’s the people we interact with who help teach us significant lessons about evangelism. Charles* is a classic example of that.

Unlike his fraternity brothers, he rarely accepts anything as it is. Sometimes I wonder if he’s deliberately trying to offend or shock me with his questions. But I sense Charles really is hungry for truth, and that’s why our paths have crossed.

He intentionally found me, initiated contact, and asked if I would spend time with him. And Charles is teaching me the importance of asking good questions, of moving beyond the surface level, and of thinking about the implications of the words and life of Jesus.

Recently he interviewed me as part of his application for a journalism job he’s seeking. One remark in the paper he submitted jumped out at me:

Dane and I discuss faith, life and my projects. Our weekly lunches are probably my favorite event. The thought he generates (and I’d like to think I help generate) is incredibly meaningful. I can truly say that Dane—someone who believes in God—has really helped me—someone who doesn’t believe in God—believe in God.

Charles still remains somewhat skeptical and unsure of Jesus, but his curiosity presses him to ask spiritual questions and investigate the Bible. God continues to work in Charles’ life. And He continues to work in my life—teaching me how to go beyond the surface and explore the implications of the Gospel I share with others.

*not his real name

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